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Maintaining proper nutrition down to the last calorie, sugar, or cholesterol for weight management, disease prevention, or chronic disease control isn't always a skill anyone can acquire easily. This is especially when we’re unlearning harmful habits to practice a healthy lifestyle. Seeking nutrition counseling from a personal trainer can go a long way in keeping our nutrition plan well-implemented and achieving our health and fitness goals.

Grover Health & Wellness offers nutrition coaching in Michigan, where customers will receive world-class mentorship and guidance from a registered dietitian and physician. If you want to know more about our integrated nutrition coaching program, you can schedule a consultation by visiting our Clinic. You may also leave us a call or fill out a quote on our website.

What is a Nutrition Coach?

A nutrition coach gives you the right nutrition education, so you can have a healthy diet and healthy habits to achieve your individual needs. This goes beyond creating your nutrition plan and advising your dos and don'ts – we are your personal trainer when it comes to supporting you in making choices that form healthy habits.

A nutrition coach is often confused with a registered dietitian and nutritionist. The scopes of work may seem alike, but there are still stark differences:

Nutrition CoachNutritionistRegistered Dietitian
What They DoProvides nutrition education for clients to make informed decisions in leading a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition

Also addresses behavioral health

Offers holistic mentorship that goes beyond food choices
Helps address a patient’s chronic disease by forming a nutrition plan

Assesses a client’s nutritional needs according to lifestyle and health goals
Helps address a patient’s chronic disease, illness, or injury by forming a nutrition plan

May provide services to a patient and eating disorder

Has a specific requirement with an exam to obtain a certification
QualificationsNo degree neededBachelor’s degree or higher educational attainment in nutritionBachelor’s degree or higher in nutrition and dietetics

Has received accreditation

Has completed a fixed number of hours of practice

Passed a national exam
Scope of WorkCan work in non-clinical settings

Can’t conduct research in government facilities

Caters more to the public

Provides nutrition counseling and support
Can work in non-clinical setting

Can conduct research in government facilities
Can provide medical nutrition therapy

Can work in clinical setups
Clients or PatientsCan offer nutrition counseling to clients with or without chronic diseaseCan create nutrition plans to clients with or without chronic diseaseCan provide guidance in nutrition for patients with specific medical condition

How We Can Help You

As your nutrition coach, you can expect a holistic nutrition coaching program, ranging from having a healthy diet and exercise to internalizing better mental health. We offer nutrition coaching in Michigan for clients battling a chronic disease, aiming for weight loss or weight gain, or those simply needing to build healthy habits.

Here's how our nutrition coaching program will go:

  1. Client assessment and data gathering
    • history of nutrition and lifestyle
    • current nutrition and habits
    • body weight and composition
  2. Understanding the client
  3. Creating a proper nutrition plan
  4. Implementing the plan gradually
  5. Observe and assess the outcome
  6. Implement changes from the recent assessment

Our trainer is dedicated to providing clients with the needed nutrition education and support for them to lead a healthy lifestyle. We also offer to coach clients concerned with sports nutrition.

Types of Coaching We Do

Our nutrition coaching in Michigan is available for everyone – from patients wanting to manage their disease to busy clients trying to achieve their fitness goals. Our nutrition coaching specialties are:

  • Clients seeking weight management - we offer holistic nutrition coaching to clients based on their individual needs, whether they're seeking weight gain or weight loss.
  • Athletes needing a healthy diet - our nutrition coaches also provide sports nutrition mentorship for athletes needing guidance for their diet. They needed to keep their nutrition in check because it reflects their performance.
  • Women needing pre and postnatal assistance - our nutrition and wellness coaches also offer integrated programs for women wanting to get pregnant, are pregnant, or have already given birth. We assist them in ensuring their health and wellness.
  • Clients battling a chronic condition - while clients with diabetes or heart disease and other chronic illnesses still need to maintain close coordination with their physicians and registered dietitian nutritionist, nutrition coaches can still offer to mentor to bridge the gap and become their trainers.

Grover Health & Wellness offers integrated nutrition coaching for patients with individual needs. You can expect to be under the care of highly-trained experts to ensure your health and wellness.

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Achieve your fitness goals today and get started on forming healthy habits with the help of our nutrition coaching program at Grover Health & Wellness. Our nutrition coaches are dedicated to assessing your individual needs and providing you with holistic guidance, not only with nutrition but also with your general wellness.

You can get started on reaching your goals and forming healthy habits by scheduling a consultation with us. You can visit our clinic at East Long Lake Road or leave us a call. You may also visit our website and fill out a form.