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Optimal Wellness Through Patient - Centered Treatment That Cures Health Issues at the Root

Founded by Dr. Keshav Grover, Grover Health provides its patients with accessible functional and integrative medicine, helping them manage their conditions where conventional medicine may have been unsuccessful.

We help solve a wide variety of health problems by looking at the root cause of your disease or disorder, allowing you to get to optimal health with a holistic treatment program. From a lifestyle change to physical therapy, we can help you overcome your medical condition and improve your overall health.

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Grover Health: Treat Your Conditions With Treatment Plans That Focus On You, Not Your Symptoms

Grover Health is proud to be one of the leading practices of functional and integrative medicine in Michigan. As a provider of holistic medicine, we aim to take an alternative approach to treating your medical condition: instead of relieving the symptoms, we go straight to the root of the problem.

This approach is what defines functional medicine: with so much focus on primary care and treating the symptoms, functional medicine tries to understand why exactly you're experiencing them. This allows us to look past the symptom and towards the underlying cause, which helps us provide you with a whole new standard of health care.

With functional and integrative medicine, we can help with both acute and chronic disease by introducing a personalized treatment plan that takes into account your entire state of health, not just any symptom you're experiencing. We don't provide relief: we go for solutions.

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Transform Your Health Today With Our Functional and Integrative Medicine Services

Functional and integrative medicine covers a wide array of different healthcare concerns, so patients may feel like they may not get the specialized treatment that they've learned to expect with conventional medicine. However, Grover Health's experience with functional medicine allows us to help our patients with a wide variety of concerns, including but not limited to:

Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders are a sign that your body thinks something is wrong even when it isn't - and sometimes, there really isn't a clear cause why. This is why most treatments usually center around treating the symptom of autoimmune disorders, which may provide relief but not solutions.

Grover Health aims to understand exactly why your body is behaving this way and works closely with you to minimize or eradicate the triggers for its behavior. We believe autoimmune diseases as a whole respond better with a holistic method of treatment, where your entire system improves instead of the affected organ group alone.

Digestive Issues

Digestive issues are also a common complaint of our patients, especially as they get older. Since our body is extremely sensitive toward the things that we eat and drink, sometimes it will inevitably react in a less-than-ideal fashion. This could be anything from an acute stomach ache to a full chronic condition.

At Grover Health, we look at factors beyond the food that you eat to get to the root cause of your digestive disorders. Conditions like chronic stress, weight management, and food sensitivity can all play a role in digestive issues. By taking a bigger outlook on these conditions, we can help find you the best solution for your issues.

Quality Of Life Improvements

Plenty of people are bothered by small, seemingly inconsequential things that don't really respond to conventional medical treatment: messy sleep schedules, brain fog, and other similar negative effects on your quality of life. Often, the solution to these issues isn't medication, but an adjustment to your overall lifestyle.

By working closely with its patients, Grover Health aims to improve your quality of life with subtle yet impactful changes to your lifestyle. Health problems aren't limited to issues like heart disease or cures like medication - sometimes it's just sore muscles that need massage therapy, or just making your body's natural healing response a lot better.

Why Consult A Functional Medicine Doctor With Us

So given all these benefits, why choose our functional and integrative medicine program for your needs? Here are some reasons why we can proudly call ourselves experts that you can trust:

World-class patient care:

we use the latest research and innovations in functional and integrative medicine for your condition, helping you get the best care possible.

Professional experts:

led by Dr. Keshav Grover, our highly-trained team is always ready to help you with any concerns that you may have.

Personalized treatment:

we don't believe in simply treating your condition - we also use other methods like complementary medicine to give you an improvement that best suits your expectations and your needs.

FAQs About Our Functional Medicine Services
at Grover Health

Can I manage my condition at home?
Patients who want to keep managing their conditions at home can certainly do so, but we suggest getting a consultation with us so we can recommend the best self-care therapies you can follow for better results.
What can I expect from my treatment plan with you?
We believe in being very involved with the treatment plans of our patients - you can expect close oversight the entire way. Dr. Keshav takes care to listen to your needs and work with you for the best possible solution.
Is functional medicine safe?
Grover Health takes care to keep our patient's safety and comfort in mind with all our treatments. We try to keep our treatments as non-invasive as possible, helping your body boost its natural healing process without harm.

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