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To my prospective patients,

Are you suffering from a chronic illness? Have you seen loved ones go through life-saving procedures/surgeries due to cancers, autoimmune conditions, or heart disease?

Having lived through perhaps the darkest hour of your life, are you ready to emerge as a new, refreshed and revitalized person?

If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place.

Not too long ago, I was in the same position. Having grown up as an Indian American in a household of southeastern Asian immigrants, I was fed a carbohydrate-dense diet with not much focus on consuming a balanced diet. In my childhood, my siblings and I ate packaged foods and breakfast cereals since that's what was recommended. It was low-fat, sugary, unhealthy food that didn't satisfy us in retrospect.

I lost grandparents and other family members to cancers and heart disease. Seeing them suffer in their older years as a result of preventable strokes, heart attacks, and various cancers was devastating.

It became a common occurrence to see loved ones in their 40's and 50's need cardiac catheterization and even open heart surgery to bypass blocked arteries. My own father had to undergo surgery for cancers that maybe could have been prevented with an integrative and holistic approach.

And then, during medical training, I developed physician burnout and was exposed to a toxic hospital environment where people's wellbeing was no longer the priority. Instead, we toed political lines and complied with what insurance companies said.

I wasn't the only one; my colleagues and I pushed above and beyond what was safe. The hospital we worked in was underfunded, so we had to use makeshift equipment and deal with poor conditions.

It was this, coupled with poor nutrition offered by hospital cafeterias, limited exercise, and a lack of mindfulness, that contributed to my depression. There were moments when I thought about whether I should live or not. I knew I needed help. I was capable of more.

Having my wife, my rock, by my side helped me get mental health counseling from a psychiatrist here in metro Detroit. In addition, we saw friends who had gone through dramatic body transformations, getting into the best shape of their lives. My best friend was one of them. That inspired us.

We hired the coaching company he used to guide us through a daily effort of using curated supplements, a meal plan, and what physical exercises we should be doing. I combined my knowledge of integrative and functional medicine with my own passions. We eliminated processed foods, alcohol, refined sugars, and excess calories from our diet.

It was different for us, saving calories for a few social events a month, while enjoying actives during the day like going for walks and taking in the scenery. Uber/taxis were barely used when we traveled because we realized how much we gained by walking and renting bicycles when we could.

As a family, we tried delicious recipes that satisfied our taste buds. We didn't need rich sauces and added fats like most of us do.

With a total weight loss of 55 pounds from 2019, I was able to achieve my dream physique in 2021. As a result of this experience, I not only gained new energy, focus, and mental ability. I also became steadfast in my mission to empower others to do the same.

Let's get started on your journey to achieving your best self!

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