Yoga / Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

Functional medicine is a science-based, integrative approach to a healthy life. It is meant to get you around the need for medication by treating the underlying causes of your issues, such as stress, exercise, and diet. We take advantage of new findings and how various environmental and lifestyle factors impact your health, and how changing bad habits can lead to improvements in these areas.

The benefits of yoga and meditation on your health

Stress reduction

Yoga and meditation are both effective modalities for stress reduction and health optimization. Both practices work in concert to increase mindfulness which reduces the negative impacts stress has on our health and wellness.

Treats pain

Yoga can improve overall flexibility and aid in reducing pain caused by common ailments like chronic lower back pain and arthritis.

Helps with arthritis

Certain types of yoga have been shown through studies to help people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Some other forms of yoga have been shown to help due to their slow and steady poses and movements that are beneficial to the health of bones, ligaments, joints, and muscles.

Improve cardiovascular health

It’s important that you keep your heart healthy and active. Some patients struggle with finding the motivation to do things that can benefit their heart like diet and exercise. Keeping the heart healthy has never been easier than it is with yoga and meditation. Studies have shown yoga to have cardiovascular benefits. Meditation also helps to lower the heart rate and improve the flow of blood throughout the body. If you meditate just once a day it can help you find relaxation, reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, and allow for better blood flow.

Helps you sleep better

Getting enough rest every night is a pillar of overall good health for every adult. Sleep helps you function properly the next day, keeping your mind clear and active. Lack of quality sleep can make it hard to focus and can make you feel like you’re stuck in a fog, unable to perform at work, and leading to issues.

Yoga and meditation can help to center the mind and body. Breathing techniques like pranayama can help clear the mind and relax the body. Daily practices can help us not only sleep better at night but improve how we function during the day by being more present and heighten our awareness in each moment.