Mindfulness Classes

Mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation that focuses the user on their own thoughts, teaching them to pay attention to what their body is telling them. It goes beyond just internal stimuli, teaching us to focus on not just our thoughts but our actions, feelings, and behavior out there in the world. Our mindfulness class will teach you to apply mindfulness everywhere you are, not just while you’re deep in a meditative state.

The importance of mindfulness

Actively practicing mindfulness is important to a healthy mind and body. It’s harder to be mindful in this ever-crazier world that we live in today. So many thoughts and stimuli are vying for our attention all the time. The ding on your smartphone telling you someone is getting in touch with you or liking your photo is always trying to pull your attention away from how you’re feeling.

What is mindfulness?

For you to be mindful means that you pay attention to the things going on in your mind, body and the space around you. It is an ability to remain present, curious, and compassionate.

It isn’t that hard to do, either

Mindfulness improves in response to a set of meditative practices that help to develop an increased awareness of thoughts, senses, and feelings. It will lead to you becoming a more thoughtful and compassionate person. Once we are able to identify all of the options available to us, it makes it easier for us to cope with life’s challenges, taking us outside our typical self with a greater sense of understanding.

Mindfulness will lead to overall wellbeing and mental clarity. You become better equipped at caring not just for yourself, but eventually for others.

How does mindfulness help?

Having a greater sense of awareness helps a person become less reactive and judgemental.

Mindfulness can help you to live your life in a healthier, more compassionate way, thinking first and responding appropriately to your own experiences and those of people around you. It can literally change your mental and physical wellbeing for the better.