Libby, PT

Libby is a personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. After graduating from Michigan State University and working as an accountant for several years, she felt she was being called to a new purpose - to help others live healthier, more active and fulfilling lives.

Her passion for helping individuals realize their potential, paired with her excitement for educating others on the physical and mental health benefits of strength training, made pursuing a career in personal training an obvious choice. Today, she trains through a compassionate lens and seeks to inspire confidence and joy.

Libby’s ultimate plan for those she works with is empowerment through movement and to create sustainable, long-term results.

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I just left Dr Grovers office and couldn't be more pleased. So happy with the time he took with me and my results are incredible already. Sarah was so kind and very knowledgeable. I will be returning again.


Dr Grover is very patient and thorough. He instills a lot of confidence and trust. A delight. Sara is also very capable and delightful assistant to Dr. Grover.


5/5 Stars! They got back to me right away, and were able to accommodate my busy schedule. Dr. Grover was very professional, and I love my results!


Dr. Grover treats us with compassion and he takes every aspect our lives in consideration to help us achieve our health goals. Though we only started our journey with him recently, we have seen and felt some improvements. We are very hopeful to get better and healthier and we recommend him to anyone who wishes to be and feel better.


Positive: Professionalism I have never had a doctor who truly listened like the way Dr. Grover handled my appointment. He was sincerely concerned and wanted to help. He did not dismiss any of my symptoms and was eager to try anything he could to try and help me.


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